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CMS Menu Links Extension

This is a demo of the Creatuity CMS Menu Links extension. This extension allows you to create CMS pages and easily link to them in your home menu.


What are CMS Pages?

Content Management System (CMS) pages are simple webpages that you can create for your Magento store. These pages usually provide users with basic information about your site, ranging from an About Us page to a Privacy Policy page. It consists of general content that does not involve any ecommerce functionality of your store. The page that you're reading this off of is a CMS page. Magento banner

  You can do a lot with CMS pages. Here is a short list of just some of the things you can do


Style your page using a simple visual editor

Use Magento's page editor to easily create CMS pages. You don't need to know how to use HTML to get the pages you want thanks to this feature. The page editor lets you format text just like in any popular text editor, making it easy to get your CMS pages to look good.

Customize your page with custom HTML

If Magento's page editor isn't enough to format the pages that you want, you can edit the HTML directly to get the results you want. The page editor can display all of the content for your page in raw HTML so you can add or modify to the elements you've added with the editor. It's easy to switch between the visual editor and HTML, so your options are never limited. 


Upload Images

Upload images and insert them into your CMS pages. You can resize and position them however you want in the page editor, allowing you to make your CMS pages strikingly visual.


Create tables for formatting your page

Create tables in your CMS page to format it the way you want. You can use tables to create columns and give your page some structure. The page editor makes it easy to add/delete rows and columns, and it even gives you border and size options to make customizing your tables easier.


Customize fonts and other basic formatting 

Change your font settings to get the text you want. You can also do basic text formating such as bold, underline, or position text. 


This is a demo store. Any orders placed through this store will not be honored or fulfilled. Visit Creatuity.com/Launchpad to learn more and launch your Launchpad store.

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